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By Regency Salon and Spa
In: Blog

5 Hair Color Secrets Guaranteed to Make You Love Your New Look

Have you ever tried a new hair color—and hated it? If you’ve colored your hair more than once or twice, you probably know exactly how that feels. Maybe that new trendy color you saw on Pinterest just didn’t work with your skin tone. Or maybe the color you saw in the picture didn’t turn out the same on your hair.

Nobody should have to walk around with hair they hate. That’s why we’re going to give you the secrets to choosing just the right color for your hair—not the hair you saw on someone else’s style board. Take that, Pinterest!

  1. Complement your skin tone.
    The most important consideration (apart from the quality of the application, which we’ll get to in a minute) is your individual skin tone. Ash blond can make cool skin tones look pale and washed out, while the same color can complement warm skin tones beautifully.
  2. Do a color test.
    If you don’t know your skin tone, do a color test in natural light (artificial light makes colors appear different). Hold a shirt in a cool color (blue, green, or violet) next to your face, and then swap it out for a shirt in a warm color (red, yellow, or orange). If your skin looks better next to the cool colors, you have cool undertones to your skin. If it looks better next to the warm colors, you have warm undertones to your skin. Remember, you’re not choosing which colors you like better—you’re choosing which ones make your skin look healthy and vibrant rather than washed out or sallow.
  3. Choose warm hair colors for cool skin tones (and vice versa).
    Choose a hair color that complements the skin tone you identified in your color test. If you have cool-toned skin, warm hair colors (like gold, caramel, honey, cinnamon, strawberry blonde, or copper) will frame your face beautifully without making you look washed out. If you have warm-toned skin, opt for cool-toned hair colors (such as ash blonde, platinum, chestnut, mocha, auburn, or true reds).
  4. Invest in quality color.
    No matter what hair color you choose, don’t settle for a box from the drugstore. It’s too easy to get the color or application wrong and end up with uneven color or badly damaged hair. Box colors may also react with the color you already have on your head and turn out very different from what you expected.
  5. Talk to your stylist!
    The best way to avoid disaster and get just the color you want is to talk to a professional stylist. He or she can recommend the best color for your skin tone, evaluate your hair’s texture and current color, and give you customized color treatments like balayage, ombre, highlights, or lowlights to create the perfect look.

Fall is coming quickly, and that means new color treatments and styles are on the horizon. Trying something new and different can be a lot of fun, and your stylist can make sure you walk away with a look you love—and not a DIY disaster.

Ready to try a new look for the new season? Call Regency Salon and Spa to schedule your appointment with one of our professional hair stylists today!