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    5 Things Your Hair Stylist Wants You to Know About Your Next Color Treatment

    Have you ever considered coloring your hair at home? Most of us have at some point. The seduction of all those beautiful boxes lined up on the drugstore shelf makes coloring your hair seem easy, fresh, and cost effective. But is it really worth it to save a few bucks on your color by going the DIY route rather than seeing a professional?

    Here’s the catch with box colors: those glossy, vibrant colors on the box rarely turn out that way in real life. A professional hair stylist provides expert knowledge and recommendations that will ensure you look your best. Here are five more things you can expect from your professional hair color that a box just can’t provide:

    • Professional hair evaluation before treatment
      What is your hair’s history? Did you walk into the salon for your first-ever color treatment, or do you have several layers of color already? What is the texture of your hair? Is it resistant to the color you want? A professional understands how to correct for the condition of each client’s hair. A box, on the other hand, treats every head the same way. If your hair has previous damage, it will need special care during treatment.
    • Customized color options
      Highlights, lowlights, balayage, lighter, darker-your professional stylist can perform all these color treatments and more. Each treatment will be customized for you, giving you options that simply can’t be replicated by box colors. If you already have highlights in your hair, a box color may react differently to those sections and create an unnatural look you won’t be pleased with. Even if it doesn’t, you still won’t get the depth and dimension a stylist can provide.
    • Experienced color application
      It’s not always easy to achieve the color you want, especially if you’re making drastic changes. For example, if you have dark hair and want it to be red, the wrong application can leave you with an unsightly shade of purple. It’s also difficult to move from very dark hair to very light hair-a box color may turn your hair a brassy shade of orange. Your stylist will assess your hair and choose the correct technique to achieve the shade you want without any Buzzfeed-worthy disasters.
    • Avoid damage and uneven application
      Ever tried to apply highlights to the back of your head? It’s not easy and often results in uneven application, or “cheetah spots.” You can also damage your hair by leaving the treatment on too long or applying it incorrectly. When you work with a professional, he or she will give you the perfect highlights or lowlights without the potential for damage that sometimes results from box color.
    • “Fixes” for bad color
      What happens if you try a box color and it doesn’t turn out the way you want? Don’t try to fix it at home! Trying to fix a bad color yourself almost always results in more damage and makes the color worse. A professional can work with you to correct the problem and achieve the look you want-without the potential for turning your hair blue.

    Box colors can work for some individuals, especially if you are remaining within the same color level. However, in the vast majority of cases, professional color will give you more satisfactory results to keep you looking your beautiful best.

    Ready for a new look? Contact Regency Salon and Spa to set up your appointment with one of our awesome stylists!

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    5 Things Your Hair Stylist Wants You to Know