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By Regency Salon and Spa
In: Blog

Give Your Acrylic Nails the Royal Treatment This Summer

Acrylic nails give you lots of options for enhancing your summer look, but summertime also brings more opportunities for wear and tear on your nails. Outdoor sports, gardening, making sandcastles at the beach with the kids, or even popping the tab on a cold drink can all spell trouble for your nails. But not to worry! With a little extra TLC, you can keep your nails looking beautiful every day, whether you’re lounging on the beach or heading to a block party.

What’s the best way to keep your acrylic nails beautiful and damage-free this summer?

  • Keep your natural nails healthy—Enhancements should not be used to cover up brittle or diseased nails. Covering an unhealthy nail with an enhancement can make the condition worse or cause infection in your natural nail.
  • Clean them every day. I’m not talking about just washing your hands. Go a step farther and use a nail brush to gently scrub away particles of dirt or grit that may leave blemishes on your nails or cause them to lift away from the nail bed.
  • Dry thoroughly after every wash. When your nails get wet, be sure to dry them thoroughly. Water can cause the nail to become loose, opening the door for infection.
  • Check for loose edges or damage. If you notice a loose or chipped nail, see your stylist to have it repaired immediately.
  • Get regular touchups—As your natural nails grow, you’ll begin to see gaps between the enhancement and the natural nail. Make an appointment with your stylist to have these gaps filled every two to three weeks. This keeps nails looking fresh and attractive while also reducing your risk of damage.
  • Treat them like royalty—Your nails are a beautiful enhancement to your summer look—don’t treat them like tools! Wear gloves when you’re doing work that may damage the nails (like gardening or washing dishes) and don’t use them to press buttons or pull the tab on a drink can. Use the pads of your fingers to perform these tasks instead. And of course, don’t chew your nails!
  • Take a break—Every few months, take a break from artificial enhancements to let your natural nails breathe.

Your nail enhancements complement your look every day, and they don’t ask much in return. By taking just a few extra minutes each day to care for them, you can keep your acrylic nail enhancements looking beautiful all summer long.