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    By Regency Salon and Spa
    In: Blog

    How to Have Beautiful Nails Between Trips to the Salon

    We love to see our clients on a regular basis, because we know just how great a manicure or pedicure can make you feel. But we also know that your nails need TLC between visits to the salon, especially if nail appointments are just occasional treats.

    We want you to love your nails every day, whether you schedule a professional manicure every month like clockwork or whether you only come in a few times a year. Here are our top tips for keeping your nails beautiful and healthy!


    1. Gorgeous nails start with regular grooming.  Just like hair, nails need to be groomed and shaped regularly as they grow. Take a few minutes to trim, file, and shape your nails each week so they don’t start to peel or break. File in one direction to reduce the risk of splitting nails.
    2. Choose a good file.  Cheap emory boards are often rough on nails and can cause splitting or peeling. Consider a glass or ceramic file with a fine smoothing surface, and be sure to sterilize it frequently to prevent the spread of bacteria. If you prefer a paper emory board, replace it every couple of weeks.
    3. Take care of your cuticles.  Dermatologists recommend that you not cut or even push back your cuticles, because they act as a barrier for bacteria. If you damage them, you could end up with an infection. Instead, use a moisturizing oil to keep cuticles looking their best. As a bonus, oil will keep your nails moisturized as well, which prevents damage.
    4. Eat well.  Surprised to see nutrition recommendations in a discussion about fingernails? The truth is that eating a vitamin-rich diet and drinking plenty of water will keep your nails, skin, and hair looking their best! Studies also show that biotin supplements can strengthen nails and prevent splitting or cracking.
    5. Avoid acetone.  Many nail polish removers have acetone in them. It’s not surprising, because acetone will take nail polish off fast without much effort. But it also sucks the moisture out of your nails leaving them dry and brittle. Instead, look for acetone-free removers and follow up with almond oil or a moisturizing hand cream.
    6. Give your nails a break. Love nail art? So do we! But keeping polish on your nails all the time can be hard on them. Give them a polish-free break every few weeks so they have a chance to breathe. You may also want to apply a strengthening polish after going au naturel for a few days to help prevent peeling or breaking.
    1. Remember, your nails are not tools!  Do you ever use your nails to scrape off stickers, pry open soda can tabs, or type? We’ve all done it, but it’s not good for your nails! Using your nails as tools will cause them to peel or split faster, so give them a break and use the pads of your fingers (or an actual tool!) instead.


    Your fingernails will grow about 1/8 of an inch every month, depending on factors like your diet and how healthy they are. That means they need regular grooming if you want to have beautiful nails. Take just a few minutes each week to give them some attention, and then come see us when you’re ready for some extra TLC in the form of a professional manicure!

    Ready to schedule your appointment? Give us a call at (864) 991-8877.

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