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    Essential Nail Care Products to Keep Your Manicure Flawless

    Are you bored with your nails? Looking to spice things up a little this season? We hear you. A flawless set of nails feels warm and cheerful as you head into the holidays, no matter how chilly it gets outside. Plus, they’ll look great wrapped around your hot drink of choice, whether that’s a PSL with friends or a mug of hot cider in front of the fireplace.

    So what’s trendy this season? We’re loving the warm florals, bold two-tone designs, and freshly reimagined French nails popping up everywhere this fall. But keeping your nails looking great all year long isn’t just about what nail art style you choose (that’s the fun part!). It’s also about practicing healthy nail habits in between salon visits (the not as fun but absolutely necessary part).

    So how do you keep those nails gorgeous at home? Here are five essential nail products we recommend keeping on hand.

    1. Glass Nail File – Did you know that nail files are not all created equal? If you usually grab a cheap cardboard file from the drugstore, consider investing in a glass or crystal file for just a few dollars more. Not only will it last forever (yay!) but it will also be less likely to cause snags and splits in your nails as compared with emery boards or metal files. How does it perform this magic? Because glass files have a finer grit than metal or cardboard, they actually seal the layers of keratin at the edge of your nail (rather than roughing it up).
    2. Nail buffer – If you like to give your nails a break from polish or gel between manicures (which is a great idea), use a nail buffer to keep the surface of the nail smooth and shiny. Buff away ridges and discoloration and use the smooth side of the buffer to bring out a healthy glow.
    3. Cuticle Oil – Cuticles are the first line of defense against bacteria, so treat them well! If your cuticles get torn or damaged, it’s much easier for infection to set in. You can buy oil specially made for cuticles, but you can also use olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil to keep those cuticles moisturized and healthy.
    4. Moisturizer – Choose a good moisturizer to keep the skin around your nails soft and pliable. This is the best way to prevent hangnails or unsightly peeling. (It’s also the best way to keep your skin healthy!)
    5. Exfoliant scrub – Just as you exfoliate your face to cleanse away dry skin and expose the new, healthy skin underneath, your hands will benefit from the same routine! A good hand scrub keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy. It’s best to exfoliate two or three times a week (or just once a week if you have sensitive skin). Any more than that could cause irritation and dryness.

    If you’re already doing all of these things – well done! Your nails are likely in tip-top shape. If you’re still experiencing bothersome peeling and breaking, however, it may be due to dryness. Dryness can occur because of certain nail treatments or nail polish remover. The best thing to do if you are frustrated with your nails is to talk to an expert! Our nail technician can give you tips on how to keep your nails looking healthy and gorgeous all year long.

    Ready to try a new look or give your nails the royal treatment? Give us a call at (864) 991 – 8877 to schedule an appointment today!