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    By Regency Salon and Spa
    In: Blog

    Stylists: How to Know Which Salon Is Right for You and Your Clients

    Do you love helping people feel beautiful? Are you ready to partner with a salon where you can serve your clients in an upscale environment and expand your client list? This is a unique time for the salon industry, as recent closures have resulted in high demand for salon services. Many Greenville stylists have found their schedules booked solid over the past few months following the period of business closures in South Carolina.

    For stylists, that means you have the opportunity to be selective in finding a place to serve your clients most effectively. You can choose a salon that reflects your aesthetic and stylistic values, and that positions you strategically to attract new clients. Here are a few things to look for as you consider your options:

    1. Brand Experience – How do people feel when they walk into the salon? How can they expect to be treated and does that reflect your personal customer service priorities? A salon’s brand experience sets the tone for your client’s overall feelings about the visit. For example, at Regency Salon and Spa, our brand experience includes a serene, upscale setting where clients can expect warm, professional service. We want our environment to create a stress-free experience for the client where they can relax and enjoy being pampered.
    2. Target Market – Does the salon’s clientele include the people most likely to use your services? Let’s say you specialize in high-end color treatments and contemporary hairstyles. Are those kinds of clients likely to come to this particular salon? Look for a salon whose target market matches your own so that you can benefit from their marketing efforts.
    3. Price Range – How much do you typically charge for your services? Does that fall within the salon’s general expected price range? Price range typically goes hand-in-hand with the target market. For example, people who are looking for the lowest possible cost will likely not be the same ones who prioritize high-end services and settings. The best salon for you will be one that mirrors your expected price range and service offerings.
    4. Marketing and Support – How is the salon marketed? Will they help you spread the word about your services? How can you incorporate the salon’s branding into your personal marketing efforts? One of the benefits of partnering with a salon is that you benefit from marketing services such as a website, printed materials, and advertising. If the salon has an established marketing presence, you’ll be able to incorporate those materials into your own promotional endeavors.
    5. Workplace Culture – What is the atmosphere in the salon? Is it supportive and fun? Do the stylists work well together? Is there a team spirit, or are team members stand-offish and competitive? These elements are all part of the workplace culture, and they can make the difference between loving your job and hating it. Look for a salon that shares your values and that feels like a good fit for you.
    6. Customer Service – What are the customer service expectations? Is there someone who manages the front desk and phone, or will stylists be expected to handle their own bookings? The only hard and fast rule here is that the salon has a plan for supporting clients effectively. When your clients call, they should be able to reach someone easily (either you or someone at the front desk). Be sure you know the plan and that it fits well with your work style.


    Why Regency Salon and Spa Is a Great Place to Work

    At Regency Salon and Spa, we place high value on creating positive experiences both for clients and for our stylists. We help you do what you already do best: make your clients look and feel their personal best.

    If you are looking for a fun, supportive work environment where you can find a home for your styling business, we would love to meet you! Give us a call at 864-991-8877 or stop by our salon to submit your application for booth rental.