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    By Regency Salon and Spa
    In: Blog

    Wedding Bells? Here’s How to Plan for Gorgeous Hair on Your Special Day

    Are you planning a spring or summer wedding? As visions of flowers, invitations, and catering options dance through your head, don’t wait too long to schedule an appointment with your stylist to talk about your wedding hairstyle! We know you want every detail to be perfect on your special day, so we’ve put together our best tips on helping you choose your style and look.

    Here’s what we recommend.

    1. Take some time to choose your look.
      You probably have a general idea of how you want your hair to look. Maybe you loved Kate Middleton’s long flowing locks under a traditional veil, or maybe you’re more inspired by Hailey Bieber’s chic pearl-adorned chignon. Or maybe you just want to create your own vision.Whatever the case, take some time to browse your favorite wedding magazines and talk to friends for inspo – and don’t forget to get advice from your stylist! Your stylist will be able to tell you which styles will work well with your hair, which brings us to our next suggestion.
    2. Be realistic.
      If you have fine, straight hair, you may not be able to pull off that mass of curls caught up in an elaborate romantic updo. But you’ll look gracefully elegant with a sleek chignon or low side bun. If you have thick, curly hair, make the most of it rather than trying to wrangle it into a straightened style. As you plan your look, take your hair texture and length into account and choose a style that will showcase your natural beauty on your special day.
    3. Consider where (and when) your wedding will be.
      Are you planning an outside wedding? If so, will it take place during the balmy days of spring or in midsummer’s heat and humidity? Unfortunately, we all know how quickly humidity can wreck a carefully crafted hairstyle. Save yourself the frustration and choose a style that will hold up for the whole day, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.
    4. Pick your accessories and show them to your stylist ahead of time.
      Do you have your heart set on a floral wreath? A formal tiara? A full veil? All of these will need to be considered as you plan your hairstyle. Tell your stylist what you want and ask for suggestions on how to incorporate accessories into your overall look.
    5. Book a trial run.
      A trial run isn’t strictly necessary, but it can help you feel less jittery as the day approaches. It can also give you a chance to make sure your hair will cooperate with the style you’ve chosen. After all, you don’t need the stress of having to change your hairstyle on the morning of your big day. If you have room in your budget, a trial run can help you feel more confident – and that’s the key to a stress-free wedding day.
    6. Touch up color two weeks before.
      If you use color, book a touchup appointment two weeks before your wedding day. This will give you a chance to make sure your roots are covered and that your color has time to “settle.” Scheduling a couple of weeks in advance will help your color look more natural, and it also gives you time to make adjustments if it doesn’t quite turn out the way you envisioned.
    7. Don’t forget your mani/pedi!
      We know, we know. This isn’t a hair tip! But just in case you forgot to add this item to your to-do list, go ahead and do it now! Book your appointment one or two days before the wedding – you don’t want to risk a chip or break when you’re ready to show off that gorgeous new ring.

    As your big day approaches, remember to take a deep breath and enjoy the process. When you look back at your wedding photos, you’ll remember the sparkle in your groom’s eyes, the love in your hearts, and the way you felt. Take some time to savor those moments – and be confident that you look and feel like the beautiful bride you are!